Monday, November 12, 2007

Michael Ciri motors in

Oh, we definitely need to find the occasions for our Mini's to play!

I forgot to suggest the gas cap thing... you are right -- that comes up (although, I've never had it).

Mendenhall Auto had mine in as a used car -- I got it straightaway. They are not an authorized Mini dealer and cannot do the fancy stuff (change programming, etc.). Too bad, because I would like to change some of the settings for my car, but Tacoma is a long way.

Are you on the North American Motoring Web Site? If not, you must -- it's been a lifesaver for me.

You will want to use premium gas... their engines are built to run at a higher compression and lower octane gas will combust too quickly -- causing timing issues. The car's computer will accomodate to keep the engine from knocking, but you should treat your baby nice. (do I sound like a gearhead? I actually know nothing about this stuff -- I just read web pages!)

I typically get my gas at the taku fuel place across from Costco (or just from DeHarts if I'm in a hurry.) I had never used premium before, and I wanted to find where I could get the recommended 91 octane or better in town. So, when I first got my car, I used this as an excuse to go "motoring"... here were my notes:

Juneau Gas
freds 90 $2.69
superbear 90 $2.89
fish bend 90.5 $2.79
safeway 91 $2.79
deharts 92 $2.79
mike's 92 $2.85
costco taku 92 $2.79
gas n go 92 $2.79

Since my "check engine" light came on right after I put cheap gas in, I have been superstitious and have only used the "good stuff." It's probably completely unrelated, but....

Happy Motoring....

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